SAVE - Nokia phones

SAVE - Nokia phones 1.0

Send theft alert SMS to your friends to track down a phone

If your phone is lost or compromised, this software safeguards your privacy and detects the location and phone number of the thief. The software detects a change of SIM card and sends SMS alerts to your trusted people (your friends and family). You are notified through SMS having mobile phone number (MSISDN) of the perpetrator and the location (GSM cell) of your mobile phone. To protect your privacy in daily usage, save allows password locking of indox and sent text messages.

The key features are.

  • Lock all text messages (daily usage)
  • Lock messages from selected contacts (daily usage)
  • Inbox and sent items locked messages (daily usage)
  • My trusted group of family and friends (if stolen)
  • Protect my personal data (if stolen)
  • Theft Protection (if stolen)
  • SIM Change (daily usage)

If an unauthorized and unexpected change of SIM card is detected, save will erase the stored videos from the mobile phone. No longer worry about your personal videos captured on mobile phone causing public embarrassment.

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SAVE - Nokia phones


SAVE - Nokia phones 1.0